Director / Producer

Albert Chacon

Native American (Cupeno-Cahuilla-Apache) Photographer and Native Documentarian of over 10 years experience in cultural study and apprenticeship. Skilled in handling all aspects of creative projects. Demonstrated facility in culturally related Online Videos about preservation in reservation and non-reservation settings. Highly skilled in photography, Albert has taken his preservation efforts to another level by utilizing videography to help in his efforts. Experience in traveling from reservation to reservation to acquire the story of "We Are Birds" from important individuals who are in bird singing today.

While getting the story, Albert had a chance to immerse himself into the culture when a respected elder Bird Singer invited him to join his culture by participating in it. The "ONLINE" documentary took its first turn when Albert decided to pick up a rattle and join in. What better way to get the story out to the world than by becoming part of it?!


"It was a dream of my own to participate in the culture my family left, and it was another to have a chance to record it ... a couple of years into learning Bird Singing with the Elders, my much improved Documentarian skills allow me to tell the story properly. This in turn allowed us (the "We Are Birds" team) to show you better video of our experiences as they happen, by sharing.


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We Are Birds